How to measure yourself for buying clothes online.

How to measure yourself for buying clothes online.

How to measure yourself for buying clothes online.
how to measure your body for shopping online

How to measure your body size for buying clothes online. 

Have you ever measured yourself, before shopping online, to make sure get the right size clothes? Taking more time to measure can make shopping more successful. This is the easiest way to reduce the hassle of returning them and hopefully prevent you feeling frustrated and disappointed.
The first thing you should look for is a size chart. Every Online shop or Manufacturer have their own scales. Just because it says XL, doesn't necessarily mean it's your size XL. This has been a problem since since the globalization of the modern era. So it is most important to check the measurement  chart for each item from every shop, designer or manufacturer. A good online store will have a chart layed out in the images or description of the product. They should be in Centimeters and Inches. They will look similar to this image below.
love quality size chart
Chest or Bust (This measurement is used for tops and dresses.)
Women: Place one end of the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust and wrap it around your body to get the measurement, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
Men and kids: Place one end of the tape measure at the center of your chest. Wrap it around your body, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
Waist (This measurement is used for tops, dresses and bottom)
 Most clothing lines use the measurement of the “natural waist” for their size guides. To measure your natural waist, you want to find the narrowest part of your waist, located above your belly button and below your rib cage.
Hip (This measurement is used for bottoms and sometimes for dresses.) 
 Stand with your hips together and measure the fullest part of your hips. Be sure to go over your buttocks as well. It might be challenging to keep the tape consistently level when you do it alone; it is recommended that you have a friend assist you with this or that you do it in front of a mirror.
Sleeve measurement (Mostly used for measurements on Men's Clothing.) 
You will need a friend to assist you for measuring sleeve length. Bend one arm at a 90 degree angle and place your hand on your hip. Have a friend measure from the centre of your back, across your shoulder, down to your elbow and then to your wrist for your full sleeve measurement. Most sleeve measurements fall between 32 and 39 inches. Sleeve sizes are always in whole numbers; round up to the nearest whole number if needed.
If you need to measure you sleeve by yourself. just do measure on cloth that you already got in your wardrobe to get a rough idea.
Inseam: (This one uses for trousers and Jeans)
The inseam is the distance from the uppermost part of your thigh to your ankle. It is easiest to measure the inseam based on a well-fitting pair of pants. Measure from the crotch to the cuff on the inside seam of the leg. The number of inches, to the nearest ½”, is the inseam length. It’s best to measure your inseam with a pair of shoes on so that you can ensure the hem hits at the right point on your shoe.
For women, keep in mind that the accurate inseam measurement depends on whether you’re wearing heels or flats. The hem should hit at the middle of the heel shaft or should hit just slightly above the flat shoe. It would be best for women to take two measurements for inseams — one for trousers you’d wear with heels, and one for trousers you’d wear with flats.
Out seam
Just one more thing to concern in every garments may vary slightly to the measurements depending on the intended fit so If the clothing shops provide the Images/photos of the product and some of the fabric details in their description. You may get a rough idea and can select the best size for you to get your clothes. 
If you did all measurements already and your still unsure about sizing then you should try to contact the online shop and ask them for assistance. They will be more than willing to assist.

How To Convert your sizing to international Sizing.

International size guide, size chart US, UK and Australia
The Main Issue on buying Clothes online is Every continental are using different measurement scales on clothes's sizing. and it makes a lot people struggle to make a decision to buy clothes online. 
You can try searching for websites which provides all international sizing chart. With these you can convert between American, Italian, English/British, French, German, Japanese and Russian size systems. As you notice, several European countries have their own size system.
Love Quality Harem Pants Shop has a few tips on Sizing Measurement : 
The best way to begin is by measuring yourself using the guide mentioned above. Once you have you measurements in Inches or centimeters you can start the comparison. Make sure you use the measurements rfom the shop you intend to purchase from. DON'T make the mistake of thinking XL means XL that you will normally get from your local mall.  Why? If you are buying from Asia Continental and you are from European/American chances are your normal sizing can turn from Medium to Large, or Large to X-Large etc.

Don't have a measuring tape in house? What should you do?

There is an easy way to make your own measurement tape at home. All you need is a pencil, paper and a ruler. Most of us have these lying around the house. 

How to make

A. Cut the paper in to strips, the length which you can wrap that strip around your body. No problem if you need to use plastic tape to connect paper to get to length. 

B. Wrap the paper strips around the part of your body which you need to measure and use the pencil to mark.

C. Use the ruler to get the measurement on the strip in inches and centimeters.

D. Compare your sizing with the sizing chart.
Now you ready to shop online! Try it out today here at Love Quality Fashion Online.
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