What does that color really mean? Choosing the right Color

What does that color really mean? Choosing the right Color

What does that color really mean? Choosing the right Color

Did you know the power of color can help in the treatment of disease.

Some Psychologists believe that the color is associated with physical, mental, emotional for all of us. Each color has a unique meaning both physically and mentally. Knowing what each color means may help us to understand why we can be influenced by just a color. 
Lets have a look at some popular colors and see if you can relate to them in your life.
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Red is the color of power. It represents a powerful and ambitious theme however, the color shades in groups of anger and irritability. Red can make us feel uncomfortable impulsiveness and impatience because red is the color that stimulates the nervous system. Also can make us have intense feelings which arouse excitement and make us challenge. Red Fruit & Vegetables as a great source of vitamin B12, copper and iron, which helps nourish the vitality of the nervous system. Red stimulates a strong life force. Increase in body temperature and improves the blood circulation. Celebrity who likes Red - Jimmy Bennett Also have a look at our Red Harem Pants.
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Pink is the color of nature - soothes the mind and has a sense of calmness, at the same time giving us a feeling of great kindness. We feel Warm and tender as opposed to color red. Pink has a feeling of protection when we are surrounded with it. Like love, love so often brings cure or relieve in so many ways.Pink can also be related to people have feelings too sensitive. Fragile or emotional instability. Celebrity who likes Pink - Paris Hilton Also have a look at our Pink Harem Pants.


Orange is the color of joy and jubilation and has a feeling of being free and liberated. Makes you less selfish and willing to give or share. The feeling from the bottom of our hearts that wants to improve life. Orange is the color of creativity. Warm, bright, ambitious intelligence brimming with power. Orange is the color that is used to treat symptoms of the muscle. Nerve or nerve pain or helping to raise people's minds. Peach, a fruit with orange is the dominant color on the treatment of neurological weakness. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins. Helps in blood Flow and sugar metabolism, nourishing the nervous system to relieve asthma and respiratory diseases. It also helps the intestinal absorption of food in the stomach and intestine as well. The psychological power of color has the ability to relieve depression. To take back the power of enthusiasm Orange is a color that can help. Orange fruits and vegetables contain carotene, carotenoids and bio velocity, which helps maintain the heart, eyesight and the immune system of the body. The color contains carotene, a powerful antioxidant in the body. Fruits and vegetables that contain these include carrots, papaya, orange, yellow watermelon, cantaloupe and pumpkin.
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Green is the color that is highly correlated with natural fastidiousness focus. It allows us to have empathy with other things as well as nature. Green will help create an atmosphere of relaxed calm causing a feeling of solitude and balance. But if its dark green can mean salvation Also dark green can deny love and fun. While green olives affect the body and the senses. It may make you sick. Yellow - Green Arranged in groups of envy, emotional jealousy and antagonizing expression feelings a desire to occupy. Green fruits and vegetables contain essential minerals, especially vitamin C. Can give you glowing skin, helps wounds heal and enhances disease resistance. Green makes the eyes relax and blood pressure drop. Prevents coagulation of the blood clot, Heart disease prevention, Blood pressure and resistance to pathogens, including mucosal inflammation. Fruits and vegetables in this group are compounds in Luther. This will help keep bones strong. Good eyesight, such as rock Broccoli Collard greens. Apples, green kale, morning glory, and all kinds and avocado. Celebrities who like Green - Tom Hanks & Leonardo DiCaprio Also have a look at our Green Harem Pants.
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Yellow is the color of joy, happiness and vitality. A celebration of bright colors often associated with rapid Intelligence and the power of ideas. A vivid memory and a desire to be creative. A color that encourages optimism. In contrast, the dark yellow can become the symbol of terror. Fruit and Vegetables with yellow are often rich in vitamins A. Gives you good eyesight and can prevent colds and flu's. Will help strengthen the yellow body, helping normal operation of the gall bladder and intestines. Helps balance the digestive tract, digestive system making the digestive system function better. Can also be used to treat symptoms for frustration, depressed and despondence. Fruit and Vegetables that contain carotene, a powerful antioxidant in the body include carrots, papaya, watermelon, orange, yellow sweet corn and pumpkins. Also have a look at our yellow Harem Pants.


The emerald is a combination of blue and dark green like the deep sea. It is significant in terms of coolness. Like green serenity The emerald color is ideal to wash out fatigue and mental or emotional tension. Emerald is a color which is more than a color, encouraging you to come back with a fresh spark. And often helps people feel more isolated. Brings power of communication to stand up for yourself. Emerald make you more creative and to get to touch with yourself. 


Blue is the meaning of cold, calm and steady. Blue brings you to need a feeling of peace and quiet. Dark deep when exposed to blue light makes us feel protected from the missions and activities that take place each day. So blue is often used to treat the insomnia. The color blue in the bedroom makes us feel creative and radiant. Dark blue or navy can be highly influential and seductive and provide mental intuition or a hunch in a subconscious way. However, black or dark blue tones also represent great sadness. With extreme sadness or moods, we should take caution when using it. Blue will help balance the respiratory system. Treatment of High Blood pressure. Also have a look at our Blue Harem Pants
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Purple is the color for care and comfort. Helping you calm the mind and repel the feeling of sadness or loss that affect the mind and body. Various shades of purple will help create a balance of mind to recover from depression or sadness. Indigo is a powerful color that stimulates the brain. Stimulating creativity and intuition. Blue is the color that dominates the nerves as well. Purple is the color to change our communication when faced with fear and panic and washes all the disturbances in the brain. Purple tends to be associated with media and other fields of art, music and mystery. It is a mysterious color. Purple can influence the sense of beauty Fruits and vegetables include cabbage, purple grapes, blueberries, eggplant, and taro. Also have a look at our Purple Harem Pants.
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White is the color that represents strong purity. White has the power to soothe the mind of panic and worry given you the feeling peace. Encourage a pure mind and powerful thoughts. It also represents the serenity and isolation or retreat. Fruits and vegetables This group contains a group of Lisieux. Reduce the incidence of heart disease and cancer, these compounds found in garlic, onions, flowers, cauliflowers, radishes and so on. Also take a look at our White Harem Pants.


Black is meaningful in terms of comfort, protection and mystery. It often involved silence and solitude. It also represents the power of life. A powerful and mysterious black color can also hamper the growth and change in your life. Black can be used to camouflage and concealed you from the outside world. Fruits and vegetables including beans. Also take a look at our Black Harem Pants.
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Gold is a color that is an influence of the sun, as well as yellow. It is often associated with vitality and fertility. The ultimate goal and wisdom of supreme understanding. Gold usually means giving new life to a new force. Will stop you from holding back because of fear or uncertainty. 


Brown is the color of earth. Brown gives a solid feeling reducing insecurity, however, Brown was often associated with a sense of fulfillment. Healing from grief and the feeling of disconcerted. This color is often used to help people feel valuable in themselves. Fruits and vegetables including sweet tamarind etc. Also have a look at our Brown Harem Pants
In conclusion, choosing a color can mean a lot of things. You may rethink the way you choose paint for decoration for your house or buying fruit and vegetables at the supermarket. Just remember there are 5 groups of nutrients, all represented by color.
For more information on the colors we have spoke about here click on the Wikipedia links below.
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Links to Wikipedia: RedPink, Orange, Green, Yellow, Emerald, Blue, Purple, White, Black, Golden and Brown


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