What you should NOT wear on a Plane - Lady Gaga's Mistake

What you should NOT wear on a Plane - Lady Gaga's Mistake

What you should NOT wear on a Plane - Lady Gaga's Mistake

There are different rules for flight fashion as they are on the ground. Considering you are sitting for hours in a small confined space at 35,000 feet in the air. Wear an outfit that keeps you cozy and relaxed, and you'll likely appear more chic than the traveler struggling with heavy bags or someone sweating and complaining about having to many clothes on, tight shoes or synthetic fabrics. Less breathable fabrics will hold sweat on the skin as your body naturally produces 24/7. Also will prevent air circulation and will most definitely make you a bit smelly. To look and feel your best and comfortable while jet setting, try to avoid the following in-flight fashion embarrassments.

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Light Weight is the Key

The secret here is layers and fabrics. Think lightweight and loose fitting when choosing your outfit. It's fine to wear lightweight clothing on a plane. Keep in mind your destination and the climates and strategically choose to right outfit. However,  planes can be extremely cold, especially if flying over night. Blankets aren't always free on planes these days and they also take up a lot of space which is limited on planes today. Don't panic if you start feeling too hot. Just take a few layers off and roll 'em up and use as a pillow. One more thing to think about when piling on the layers is you suitcase weight allowance. The more you have on your body the less you have in your suitcase.

Unsuitable Clothing

Think about the space on a plane for a minute. Now, think about trying to relax on a beach with a ski jacket on. You see where this is going. One thing we all do on a plane is visit the toilet. Maneuvering in and out of your pants can be very tricky, wear something that isn't likely to cause difficulties in the plane bathroom. Avoid full body outfits or complicated dress wraps and shirts, as well as long pants that hang below your shoes that make contact with lavatory ground.

What to Wear

Knowing what to wear and what not to wear on a plane is crucial. Some of our favorite celebrities have unknowingly experimented with this conundrum. How can remember to news on Lady Gaga in 2010?. Lady Gaga - donned Alexander McQueen "armadillo shoes" wearing wild outfit of black and yellow tape on a transatlantic flight. On this plane trip, Gaga began to experience symptoms of deep vein thrombosis. Have you heard of deep vein thrombosis? Also known as DVT, this condition occurs when dangerous blood clots form in veins. Those blood clots can lead to a pulmonary embolism, which is potentially a life-threatening condition. Commonly caused by a combo of in-flight risk factors like low cabin pressure, dehydration, immobility during a long trip and cramped seats (so says the American Council on Exercise).

According to the University of Washington Medical Center, sitting for long periods of time can increase the risk for DVT, and so can constrictive clothing: "Avoid tight clothing, nylons, tight pants or socks that might restrict blood flow through the veins." Compression stockings are a good choice for travelers interested in taking further steps to reduce the likelihood of DVT. You can wear this under a light weight pair of baggy pants.

Breathable Fabrics

We learned a big lesson from Lady Gaga. We learned that tight clothes will restrict blood flow in the already-confining space of an airplane seat. Ditch the skinny jeans and uncomfortable pants. and invest in comfort, choose loose-fitting natural or semi-synthetic fiber garments (clothes made from rayon, cotton or linen are a great choices) to allow air flow and make your skin breath.

Polite Attire
Yes, you can be kicked off a plane wearing offensive clothing! In 2005, Lorrie Heasley was wearing a politically offensive T-shirt, so say CNN. The shirt depicted the faces of President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice above the caption "Meet the Fockers." This sparked an investigation into the policies of passenger travel requirements. Also you have remember that some countries have a completely different opinion of what is considered polite and not polite. Lets not go into detail on this as it can lead to many discussions off topic. Dress in polite clothes will generally mean covering up. 
What that Smell
Overpowering Perfumes or cologne can be the most irritating and allergic for some. Not everybody shares the same appreciation for smells. Also smelly unwashed clothes will omit a strong recognizable odor. When you travel, keep in mind the fact that you will need to pack minimal. Choosing the right clothes means you also need clothing that can be washed quickly, easily and that dry extremely fast. Another reason I think these pants are perfect for travel. Remember odors are intensified on a plane, where passengers are cramped in tight quarters and stale air is recycled throughout the cabin.

If  you are seated next to someone you really don't want any embarrassing smells coming from you. Be sure to reserve a clean outfit for the plane ride home and minimize the use of cologne or perfumes. Better yet, don't wear any at all.

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