Love Quality Fashion Online - Hourglass body shape

How to Show Off Your Waistline and Get an Hourglass Figure

Love Quality Fashion Online - Hourglass body shape
Depending upon your genetics, as well as your exercise routine and diet, your body shape may be quite different from those around you. Not everyone likes the body type or shape that they are born with, but there are ways to make the most of what you have. Here are some tips on how to identify your body type and shape as well as some fashion ideas that will really make you feel incredible about your body.
The shape of your waistline can be the main focus point for many on-lookers. Apparently Having an hourglass shape is considered as the dream figure by many people. However, no matter what your body shape, whether athletic to curvy or Pear to Boy, anyone can get an hourglass shape with curves. If you wish to highlight or create curves, it is important to know the right techniques when you’re getting dressed to achieve this look.
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Starting from the top
I know many women, like myself that will buy because it's ON SALE, right? Those two words are like candy for kids. However, having them fitting correctly is so much more important than the price. The right sized bra and undergarments are important to accentuating and/or creating curves. Bad fitting undergarments will not enhance your curves nor with they make you feel comfortable. also can affect your posture and back and shoulders.
When you're shopping for a bra make sure you go to a specialty stores in lingerie like Victoria Secret and have a staff member help you measure to get the perfect fit. Just because you bought a specific size from A shop, doesn't mean you will get the exact same size at B shop. They can vary from shop to shop.
Now that you have the right sizing make sure you buy a bra that will enhance and shape your chest. Also it's very important to choose the supporting type. Get bras with an underwire, and a good lining and maybe some padding. All these features can easily transform your shape to fabulous.
Buy a few styles so you can wear with a variety of outfits. For example, you’ll want a nude bra for lighter colored clothing. Also having a seamless bra will create a smooth silhouette.
Choosing the right clothes 
Having the right clothing is what can make or break your shape. Clothing is usually produced on a large scale to accommodate several different body types. This can have a few limitations for example not fitting your figure the way you would like them to. If you want to create curves make sure you choose the best clothes that will highlight your waistline.
In order to best accentuate your curves, your clothes should be formfitting but not tight. Baggy pants are perfect because you can wear a fitted top with them and still look shapely. They will always bring your waist to the focal point while hugging your hips, and falling loosely over your thighs and calves.
The hourglass body shape is everything we dream for our bodies to be, right? This can be achieve both by choosing the right clothes and using exercise. 
You can perform exercises that will focus on toning your shoulders, back, bosoms, waist, buttocks and thighs. However, keep in mind your body shape is largely based on genetics that can make the excess body fat gather at the waist and stomach and can prevent you from getting an hourglass figure.You should find an exercise routine right for you. There are many different sites offering you their techniques on the internet that you can fit into your routine. 
Things to avoid
Oversize clothing on the top can completely ruin you silhouette and shape. If you are naturally curved you should showoff your figure. Be proud of your body! Prints - Anyone can wear prints, use prints to play up one part of your body preferable your bottom half. While keeping the rest of your outfit simple like wearing a plain fitted shirt of tank top. If you’re naturally slim, you can wear prints with just about anything.
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