Celebrities in Baggy Harem Pants

Celebrities in Baggy Harem Pants

Celebrities in Baggy Harem Pants

One thing that makes our job great being in the fashion industry, is seeing our favorite celebrities wearing the clothes we love. Could harem pants be the new skinny jeans? Love 'em or hate 'em, they're everywhere this season and celebrities are rocking them on the red carpet. The baggy Harem Pants our the new fashion! Why? Because once you wear a pair you will never wear anything else.

Check out these photos and tell us what you think below.


Gwen Stefani

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Image Source: FameFlynet


Ashley OlsenMaria Sharapova

Love quality harempant


Image Source: FushionMag


Rihanna & Diane Kruger

love quality harem pants


Image Source: FushionMag

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