Baggy Harem Pants Secrets

Baggy Harem Pants Secrets

Baggy Harem Pants Secrets

Some of us, if not most of us have looked at the harem pants in the malls and online and wished we had the figures to carry it off. Well, now you can! When worn the right way, they can be one of the most elegant, stylish and unique outfits one can wear.

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Also they can appear elegant & sophisticated. Things to consider when shopping for a pair...

- Go for the right fabric - usually rayon or cotton or any light weight material. Don't go for stiff fabrics like satin
- Check that the pleats at the waist are placed evenly and look away from the crotch.

- Wear tops that will complement your baggy harem pants. If you have washboard abs, you can opt for Lycra or Elastane fabrics like spandex or tight blousons, or a tank top. If you are plump at the waist, these pants will give you the shape your want by highlighting the hourglass figure.
- Wear at least a 3 or 4 inch heels for the baggy pants to look its stunning best!

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